Educational Mission: Centro Universitario de Zacapa, Universidad de San Carlos
Educational Mission: Centro Universitario de Zacapa, Universidad de San Carlos | METC


In the week of the 21 of February to the 01 of March, Damian Filut, Deputy Director of METC, was invited to lecture in several events organized by the Centro Universitario de Zacapa of the Universidad de San Carlos.

During this week, Mr. Filut lectured on several subjects regarding the new paradigm in Education Towards Sustainable Development, Innovation in Education among others. Most of the activities took place in Zacapa City. According to the organizers, more than 1300 people participated in the different events in the four cities Mr. Filut visited (Chuiquimula, Gualan, Guatemala City, and Zacapa, Guatemala)

In addition, thanks to the support of the embassy two more events were organized. A significant meeting at the Ministry of Education in the capital city was organized and a lecture to the Shalom Club was offered. Mr. Filut lectured on “Education Towards Sustainable Development” to more than 90 persons in the audience.


For a long time, MASHAV through the METC has maintained a relationship with Universidad de San Carlos. Dozens of workers of this institution, including directors and teachers had participated in MASHAV training courses in Israel. 

The Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala (USAC, University of San Carlos of Guatemala) is the largest and oldest university of Guatemala; it is also the fourth founded in Latin America. According to the university’s mission, the USAC is an autonomous higher education institution with a democratic culture, with a multi and intercultural approach, linked and committed to scientific, social, humanistic and environmental development with an updated, dynamic, effective management and resources optimally used to achieve their goals and objectives, trainer of professionals with ethical principles and academic excellence.


In 2018, the METC had the participation of a teacher of this institution at the “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education” training course: Sonia Judith Villatoro Jácome. She was very active and after the training course, she stayed in touch with the center. In this framework, Mr. Filut was invited to lecture and give workshops, among other activities by Universidad de San Carlos. Since Ms. Sonia Judith Villatoro is currently the Director of the Graduate Studies Department at Zacapa University Center, most of the activities were conducted in Zacapa. 



The activities were focused on the topic of quality education and  innovation from different approaches and the target audience varied depending on each of the events:

-The activities were focused to educators and students of the Universidad de San Carlos. 

-The Shalom Club activity aimed to alumni of MASHAV.

-The series of activities with representatives of the Ministry of Education and Municipalities were focused on decision-makers at the different levels.


TITLE OF CONFERENCE 1 at Centro Universitario de Zacapa: 

Entrepreneurship in Higher Education 

The subject was taught at the Zacapa University Center (CUNZAC), specifically, as an inaugural lesson to participants in the economic science majors (Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Auditing and Public Accounting). Teaching was provided to students, teachers, coordinators, and principals.

Study meeting with master's students of Natural Science (Sustainable Development)

The activity was carried out with students from the master's degree in project formulation with environmental impact, from CUNZAC.


TITLE OF CONFERENCE 2 at Centro Universitario de Zacapa: 

Higher education for sustainable development

Aimed at students, teachers and leaders of the CUNZAC master's program on Sunday. The event represented the inaugural lesson. Specifically, it was taught in the following programs: Master in Tax Consulting, Master in Project Evaluation in Environmental Impact, and Master in University Teaching.


TITLE OF CONFERENCE 3 at Gualan Municipality

School pedagogics plant nursery

This conference was held within the framework of the School Feeding Law. The opening of a pedagogical nursery was managed at the Gualan girls’ school.

Visit the Municipality of Zacapa

A visit was made to the Mayor of Zacapa, together with representatives of the municipal offices. The reason was to address cooperation issues between MASHAV - Municipality of Zacapa - CUNZAC. Specifically, new methodologies that can be implemented in the educational system were discussed.


TITLE OF CONFERENCE and Workshop 4 at Centro Universitario de Zacapa: 

How to link the curriculum in the framework of sustainable development from an interdisciplinary approach

This workshop was dictated with professors from the eight university courses at the Zacapa University Center (CUNZAC). The implemented methodology was theoretical-practical.



A new approach to education in the XXI Century

An alumnus from the center, Lic. Luis Batista, who is also the director of INTECAP Chiquimula, received the visit of the expert Damián Filut. The expert toured the facilities and gave a conference on issues of educational technology, education in the 21st century, innovation, project development and the importance of paradigm breaks. 20 people participated in the meeting, including leaders and coordinators, and delegates from the Ministry of Education (including the former MASHAV fellow in 2018, Ms. Blandina Perdomo).


TITLE OF CONFERENCE 6 at Centro Universitario de Zacapa: 

Linking the curriculum in Sustainable Development 

From the University Center of Zacapa (CUNZAC), from the centers of agronomy and agribusiness, 100 students were trained. Subsequently, at the end of the conference, there was a short discussion between students and experts, with the purpose of learning more about Israel and its educational models with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.


TITLE OF CONFERENCE 7 at Centro Universitario de Zacapa: 

The university in the XXI century

The inaugural lesson of the CUNZAC daily plan races, for students and teachers.


TITLE OF CONFERENCE 8 at School for Teachers:

Educational Projects on the Education towards Sustainable Development theme

During a visit was to the Teachers School with Environmental Orientation in Zacapa, a conference to 100 students and teachers was dictated. It should be added that the establishment has related conditions for the implementation of ecological nurseries. The short-term implementation vision is to produce to the market as a school. This based on the School Feeding Law in the MINEDUC curriculum.


TITLE OF CONFERENCE 9 at Ministry of Education Zacapa: 

How to implement Education towards Sustainable Development in Schools

Meeting with educational inspectors at the Ministry of Education Offices in Zacapa. In this conference participated: The Governor of Zacapa, Mr. Elvin Granados Acevedo; The Director of MINEDUC in Zacapa Mr. Carlos Rolando Guirola, and delegates from CUNZAC.


TITLE OF CONFERENCE 10 at Universidad de San Carlos, Guatemala City:

Pedagogical models in the 21st century for higher education

More than 90 teachers participated in this conference. The Secretary-General of the University Lic. Carlos Valladares, also a former MASHAV fellow, was present. 



The visit was led by the Deputy Ambassador and the person in charge of MASHAV issues at the embassy. At the meeting, issues of cooperation were discussed with the three representatives.

1. Mr. Héctor Antonio Cermeño Guerra, Technical Vice Minister of Education.

2. Mr. Oscar René Saquil Bol, Vice Minister of Bilingual and Intercultural Education

3. Mr. Erick Fernando Mazariegos Salas, Administrative Vice Minister of Education.


TITLE OF CONFERENCE 11 with Shalom Club:

Education towards Sustainable Development

More than 90 people were trained in the topic "Implementing education for sustainable development". In the activity, there were participants and leaders from various institutions and regions of the country.


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