Educational Innovation in Corona Times
Educational Innovation in Corona Times | METC

During this unique era, educational entrepreneurship and innovation are becoming a growing need and manifest in expanding activities in all arenas of education and society. Educators find needs and raise diverse entrepreneurial ideas and creative solutions to deal with a complex reality in the various new scenarios.

This webinar is focused on offering hands-on training that allows the participant to experiment with the stages of developing a new educational initiative. Program participants will focus on needs and will acquire tools for further independent development of educational initiatives. In collaboration with The Fund for Educational Initiatives, we will address this and more challenges educators are facing in these times

The Fund for Educational Initiatives is an expert body in all aspects of initiating education organizational entrepreneurship, sorting and mapping initiatives and educational entrepreneurs, supporting initiatives at all stages of their development.



• Familiarity with the content of pedagogical entrepreneurship.

• Diagnosis of the educational arena during the crisis and focus on the need to respond.

• Initial development of innovative action in response to a defined need.



Educators from around the world who are interested in getting to know and acquire the skills to address today’s educational challenges in their countries in the context of the Corona crisis.

We welcome Directors of Educational Departments, Educational Supervisors, Educational Trainers and Leading Teachers to join us.

The main focus is on developing cross curricular approaches and making it easier to coordinate the various educational programs as pupils conduct research and prepare written and visual presentations of their work.


Course Structure

Meeting 1 - Entrepreneurship and inspiration

Sources of inspiration as a base for entrepreneurship and innovation / Crisis as a fertile ground to innovation

Meeting 2 - Diagnostic status and focus needed

Identifying educational needs in a changing reality / Focusing need and choosing entrepreneurial action  / For creative thinking SCAMPER model

Meeting 3 - From an idea to reality

Initiative development - from an idea to practice / Building a structure for an initial work plan

Meeting 4 - How to present your idea

Familiarity with the entrepreneurial Fitch tool / Presenting the initiatives through storytelling

Meeting 5 - Finals projects and Closing Ceremony

Project Presentation


*The course will be accompanied by a Learning Management System where tasks and material will be shared between meetings.


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