The tour focused on Innovate Education and Pedagogy Approaches together with the Professional Educators/teachers' development. In addition, how Israel is applying this educational approach to methodologically and pedagogically.

How teachers at all levels become more effective in facilitating learning, improving technology for learning, strengthening the management of schools and systems while ensuring learners to be equipped for success. This should be a first step in terms of opening the doors in this specific field of education with the delegation.

Furthermore, this topic in the long term has an impact on the choices students will do regarding their studies and the national economy.

In case this program is scaled up and gets to a high number of students this may generate an impact on the students’ professional choices and an economic impact in the long term. Innovative solutions to educational challenges are springing up everywhere both at technology inputs and mainly at the pedagogic aspects and the main steps of the tour are to learn how to introduce all the above subjects into the reform to be in Uganda.

Uganda Delegation at MOF

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