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This educational cooperation began in 2015 when the current Mayor of Paipa, Dr. Yamit Noe Hurtado, was elected. The Mayor is an alumnus of the center and he was interested in improving the quality of education in the city. The selected target audiences were the teachers and headmasters. The program objectives were to empower the educators through the learning of new methodologies & best practices and motivate them with training and accompaniment in Colombia and Israel. The empowerment and motivation of the educational community is crucial in order to see any educational transformation in the city. The different activities promoted these objectives. The rationale behind the program is to invest in the educators to empower them and share with the best experiences of the Israeli Educational System in order to inspire them. This process expects to generate more educational activism and motivation in the educational community. This is aligned with the international recommendation of “Teacher for Education 2030” of the UN and Goal 4 of the SDGs. During these three and a half years, two groups of educators visited Israel and three times Paipa was visited.


In this occasion, Damian Filut, Deputy Director of the center, visited the city (May 2019) with the objective to support and evaluate the progress achieved after a number of visits to the Paipa and the training of about 25 educators in Israel.


This visit was organized in the framework of the Educational cooperation between METC and the Municipality of Paipa in Colombia on the subject of Innovation in Education and Education towards Sustainable development. 9 educational institutions were visited with the objectives of monitoring the educational initiatives developed at each institution.


The visit objective was to monitor and provide consultancy to the educational initiatives developed by the educators in each of the educational institutions. Each headmaster with the leading staff presented their current situation of the different initiatives they lead and received feedback and recommendation for the continuation of them.


After this last visit, it is clear that the educators who are connected with the program have changed their attitude and are much more motivated and active. This is creating a “wave of changes” in the institutions. The fact that education is perceived as an important part of the municipal program, also changes the way educators come to work and do their job.


Damian Filut

Deputy Director

  • Date: May.01,2019 - May.03,2019
  • Location: Paipa - Boyaca, Colombia