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MASHAV and Training Centers

Learn about MASHAV and the Training Centers in Israel. An opportunity to meet the people behind all the activities!

School Collaboration 2018-19

Throughout the year they learn together led by a syllabus designed for collaboration and getting to know the other culture. Have a look to what happened last year!

First months at Schools Online, METC! **2019**

Great News from shcools around the world! Be part of the School Collaboration Program

Senior Level Seminar Entrepreneurship Skills in the Education System

A glimpse to The International Senior Level Seminar on “Entrepreneurship Skills in the Education System”, METC-Mashav
"The process through the learning journey is what matters"


youth_at_risk cover
Youth At-Risk: Preventing Student Dropouts and Facilitating Reintegration
Education for Science and Math – STEM Framework
Educational Challenges in Science, Technology and ICT